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Finding a Greek phone number is free online, and there are several free residential and business phone directories in English. The country calling code of Greece is 30, and every regular Greek telephone number (area code + subscriber number) has ten digits. There are currently two-, three-, and four-digit geographical area codes, so the length of the subscriber’s number varies. The only two-digit Greek phone code is 21 for the Athens. To make an international call from Greece dial 00 + country code and number.

Free telephone number search

The Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A., usually known by its Greek initials OTE, is the former monopoly and still the biggest telecommunications player in Greece. They’re the best way to find a listed residential or business phone number.

The OTE White Pages
is the free official OTE “11.888” white pages for people and businesses in Greece. You can do a reverse search with the full ten digit telephone number.

The Greek Yellow Pages
are the Greek yellow pages in English (or just choose language link on top right of the search page). The site has been “beta” for ages. but it’s still effective at finding phone numbers!

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    • avatar says

      Hi Maria,
      They appear to have a new beta site which as far as I can see doesn’t have an English version. The boxes at the top are where you put in your queries:
      WHO? (name or phone number)
      eg Sotiris Valvanis or 2106116255
      WHERE? (district, county, route)
      eg Kallithea, Attica, Arcadia 5
      If you use the Google Chrome browser, it will offer to translate it for you and the results are quite good, the navigation is clear. The new URL is actually:
      Give it a try!

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