When to travel to Greece and the Greek islands: weather and seasons

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Greece, not just because it’s not too hot but also because it’s not too crowded.

Mid-June to the end of August is the high season, when accommodation can be in short supply and the ferries full. Between Easter and mid-June the weather is pleasantly warm in most places (although definitely not all).

I personally prefer the period from the end of August to mid-October when the season winds down. It can get quite cold in Athens and on the mainland in October.

Don’t forget that 2004 was Olympics year in Greece, and amazingly it all went off without major incident, so you might like to spend a little time wandering around the various facilities, especially in the normally pleasant autumn season!


The most significant festival in Greece is of course, Easter. The Greek Orthodox Church traditionally stresses Christ’s Resurrection rather than the Crucifixion, so it is regarded as a happy celebration, with candle-lit processions, feasting and displays of fireworks.

There are also numerous summer festivals across the country, the most famous being the Hellenic Festival (mid-June to late September), which hosts drama and music in ancient theatres across the country.

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