The Legend of Finn McCool and the Giant’s Causeway

It was Finn McCool Who Built The Giant’s Causeway … As the Legend Goes:

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Giant’s Causeway – Ireland

The Causeway Coast and its mystical Glens region is steeped in folklore, myths and magic. A favourite legend is that of Finn McCool, one of Ireland’s greatest folk heroes.

Legend of Finn McCool

As the Legend of Finn McCool goes – Finn was a giant of a man who protected Ireland against all invaders. The Prince of Ireland had a Scottish rival, a giant by the name of Benandonner.

One day Finn McCool decided that he would challenge his rival in battle so he decided to build a causeway to Scotland. When the work was completed,  the Giant Causeway stretched from North Antrim to Staffa.

Benandonner, the Scottish giant, accepted Finn McCool’s invitation to walk across the causeway and fight for supremacy. As  Benandonner appeared over the horizon, Finn McCool realised to his horror that he had taken on a rival much larger than himself. He panicked and raced home to his wife, Oonagh and asked her what he should do.

Behind Every Man is a Smart Woman

The quick thinking Oonagh got a vast cradle made, disguised Finn as a baby and got him to curl up in the enormous cradle.

As Benandonner approached, he saw this huge ‘child’ and took fright. “My God”, he said “if the babies are this size, what would the rest of them be like!” Benandonner thundered back to Scotland, tearing up the causeway along the way.

At the new Giant’s Causeway visitor centre, visitors can enjoy an animation of the Legend of Fin McCool. Like all legends, there are many variations to the Finn McCool legend, but I like this one best because it shows that behind every giant, there is a smart thinking woman!  Whenever I think of this Irish legend, it never fails to make me smile!

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  1. avatarFiona says

    A well written legend. Surprisingly I found that this story gets muddled elsewhere.
    Of course us adults always prefer to learn about the volcanic bassalt, but you cannot go to the Giant’s Causeway without knowing why it’s called that.


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