A Pizza Experience at Pizzeria da Baffetto

Baffetto Roma Pizzeria

WHEN IN ROME, EAT PIZZAS THE WAY THE ROMANS DO: Baffetto is our favourite pizza restaurant in Rome. This long-established pizzeria makes pizzas the true Italian way, with really thin crust and a very tasty sauce. In spite of being a no-frills pizzeria, Baffetto is nevertheless legendary and there’s usually a long queue of people […]

Lunch at La Zagara – One of the Many Positano Restaurants

Positano Ristorante

La Zagara – A Restaurant With a Delicious-Looking Cakes but the Food and Service Disappointed: There are heaps of restaurants in Positano and our guide, whom we suspect is a bit of a dessert addict, suggested that La Zagara is a good place to take a break as it has the best cakes in town. […]

Food and Wine in San Gimignano

Italian cheeses

San Gimignano is a Great Food Destination: If you’re a foodie or love cooking, San Gimignago is a destination for you. The traditional cuisine of this Tuscan hill-town features many of the typical dishes that you’ll see on menus of trattorias and restaurants in Tuscany, and if you’re into cooking, you can easily buy these […]

The World’s Best Gelato in San Gimignano

World's Best Gelato in San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a Pilgrimage Destination for Gelato-lovers: When you visit Piazza della Cisterna in San Gimignano, an interesting phenomenon you will observe is the number of people eating gelato. Enjoying a gelato or two is one of the pleasurable pastimes when visiting Italy, and there’s nothing unusual about visitors eating gelato, especially on a […]

Ristorante Parco Ibsen in Sorrento

Sorrento Bar Ristorante

Parco Ibsen Has Good Food and a Nice Ambience: For one of our dinners in Sorrento, we had a choice of three restaurants – Ristorante Museo Caruso, O Parrucchiano and the Ristorante Parco Ibsen, all in the historic centre of Sorrento. Museo Caruso was described to us as a fine-dining restaurant and although we weren’t […]

Linguine alle Vongole – My Favourite Seafood Pasta

Seafood Pasta

Linguine Vongole or Linguine with Clams is a Classic Seafood Pasta in Italy: Linguine alle vongole is one of my favourite pasta dishes and whenever in Italy, linguine vongole is one of the dishes that I try never to miss out on. The recipe is easy enough to prepare but the truth is that I […]

Zi’Ntonio Mare – A Fine Seafood Restaurant in Sorrento

Sorrento Restaurant

Zi’Ntonio Mare Has Great Food and a Nice Setting in Marina Grande: For a good seafood restaurant in Sorrento, our tour guide recommended Ristorante Zi’Ntonio Mare at the Marina Grande. There are a few seafood restaurants in the old harbour area, but she liked Zi’Ntonio Mare. Zi’Ntonio at the Marina Grande From the Grand Hotel […]

Porchetta – A Popular Dish of Castel Gandolfo

Roast boneless pork

Castel Gandolfo Is Noted For Its Porchetta: Castel Gandolfo is a town that is best known as the summer residence of Popes, but another thing that this town is noted for is its porchetta. Even before we reached Piazza della Libertà, the main square of the historical centre, we saw a street stall selling porchetta […]

The Delicate-Tasting Mozzarella


Mozzarella – A Favourite Italian Cheese: Mozzarella is an Italian cheese that we enjoy very much and as we travel around Italy, lunching on mozzarella and tomato sandwiches, it’s interesting to know more about how this cheese is made. Types of Mozzarella Fresh mozzarella is divine, especially if it is Mozzarella di Bufala, made from […]

Bologna’s Mouth-Watering Food Market

Bologna Food

A Walking Tour Down the Bologna Food Market: The Emilia-Romagna region is famous as a food centre and when we visited Bologna we were very much looking forward to sampling some of its gastronomic delights. During our whistle-stop visit to Bologna we took a stroll down Via Pescherie Vecchie which is the food market area […]