Baia Saracena – Vernazza

The Location is Fantastic but the Food Quality is Wanting :

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Baia Saracena - Vernazza

This bar on the breakwater enjoys a splendid location. For parched, sunbathers this is a convenient place to get a drink.

Baia Saracena is the first café/bar that visitors will see when they come off their boat from one of the other villages.  It is a nice place to stop and have a drink, whilst enjoying the sea view. It’s fantastic location also makes it an ideal place to enjoy that sundowner and watch the sunset.

Food Quality is Wanting

Note that Bais Saracena is a bar that serves food and should not be mistaken for a restaurant. The place enjoys a busy trade during the day, but this is no indication of the quality of the food.

The pastas and pizzas are really cheap and that’s where its food attribute ends. This is one of the rare Italian eateries where it’s a mistake not to specify that you like your pasta al dente and the food is bland. The thick pizza base had very little on it and when it comes to the struggle between the pizza base and the blunt knife, the pizza base won out.

For the price that they charge, one is not expecting spectacular cuisine, but they should at least get the basics right.

The place doesn’t pretend to be anything but a convenient waterfront café, so don’t come here if you’re planning a romantic dinner, even if the moon and the stars make the setting look promising.

It would be a dynamite place if they charge a little more for their food, but improve on the quality.

Baia Saracena
Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 16
19018 Vernazza

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