Lunch at La Zagara – One of the Many Positano Restaurants

La Zagara – A Restaurant With a Delicious-Looking Cakes but the Food and Service Disappointed:

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Dessert at La Zagara

There are heaps of restaurants in Positano and our guide, whom we suspect is a bit of a dessert addict, suggested that La Zagara is a good place to take a break as it has the best cakes in town. After quickly pointing out to the group where things are in Positano, she made a hasty retreat into the cafe. The lemon tiramisu and strawberry bavarese in the cafe window looked delicious enough and so we ear-marked this as a place to come back to for a snack.

Lunch at La Zagara

After exploring the town and the Positano beachfront, we came back to La Zagara, which is on Via dei Mulini, about half way between the beachfront and the bus stop at the top of the town. The pastry shopfront looks small, but when you enter, there is actually a fairly large terrace at the rear, surrounded by some lemon groves and other vegetation. It was a very hot afternoon and the trees and greenery made for a soothing effect. We initially went for a nice corner table in the sun, with views up towards the hills of Positano, but very quickly found ourselves shifting inwards as it was just too hot in the sun.

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Some restaurants in Positano

Ordinary Food and Indifferent Service

The restaurant was full and the service was very slow and indifferent. It’s one of those places where the waiters seemed very skilled at avoiding eye contact with customers. Each time we wanted something, we had to try and wave down the waiter.

We only wanted a light lunch and the food, when it came, was pretty unremarkable. I had a slightly soggy salad and Tony’s sandwich was rather bland. Perhaps we should have stuck to the cakes?

La Zagara is probably a nice place to go to for a cold drink on a hot summer’s day to enjoy the nice garden setting, but for decent food I would be going somewhere else in future.

Some Popular Restaurants in Positano

If good food is what you’re looking for, the following is a range of some of the more popular restaurants in Positano town:

  • Next2 is a modern restaurant that specializes in fish and seafood. (Address: Via Pasitea 242)
  • Da Vincenzo offers old-fashioned home-cooking. This small family restaurant was started by grandpa over 50 years ago and today his nephew holds the family tradition of good food and service. (Address: Viale Pasitea 172/178)
  • La Sponda is the fine-dining restaurant of the five-star Hotel le Sirenuse. If you feel like splurging for that special occasion, this restaurant offers great food, service and atmosphere. It is the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Positano. (Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo 301)
  • Buca di Bacco has been around for over a century and specializes in fish dishes as well as cuisine from the Campagnia region.  The restaurant also has one of the best locations in Positano overlooking the Spaggia Grande. (Address: Via Rampa Teglia, 4)

Positano has a reputation for being an expensive place, so expect to pay a fair price for dining here. If the food is good, most people will go away happy.

For more about Positano, see our Positano Trip Planner Here.

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