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Parco Ibsen Has Good Food and a Nice Ambience:

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Fish meal at the Parco Ibsen

For one of our dinners in Sorrento, we had a choice of three restaurants – Ristorante Museo Caruso, O Parrucchiano and the Ristorante Parco Ibsen, all in the historic centre of Sorrento.

Museo Caruso was described to us as a fine-dining restaurant and although we weren’t looking for a formal dining experience that evening, its opera connection did appeal to us.  We visited O Parrucchiano and whilst the tropical garden setting of the restaurant was very charming, the rows of large tables suggested that we could have big groups joining us for dinner. We then trundled off in search of Parco Ibsen and found it set in a small park near the old town wall.

Parco Ibsen

Parco Ibsen came highly recommended by our bus driver. If good food rather than the trappings of the restaurant is the priority, he preferred Parco Ibsen over the other two.

When we arrived at the Parco Ibsen, the restaurant was not too busy and we wondered if we had made the right restaurant choice. The maitre’d who looked after us was very friendly and welcoming and any initial concerns about restaurant choice soon dissipated.  We chose a table in the candle-lit courtyard section.  Decorated with drapes of material, soft lights and a rock fountain, it has a romantic ambience.

What we Ate at the Parco Ibsen

We told the maitre’d, I think his name was Giacomo, that we don’t eat meat and so he organized a vegetarian antipasto and a fish main for us. The fish exceeded our expectations. Whilst simple in cooking style, the fish was fresh, moist and very nicely cooked. For dessert we had tiramisu, which was nice as well.

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Tony at the Parco Ibsen

The cooking style is not fancy at Parco Ibsen, but the food is fresh and nicely prepared. Throughout the evening, Giacomo made us feel like we were special guests of the restaurant and that’s how he probably treats all his diners.  When the bill arrived, we told him that he hadn’t charged us for the sparkling water and he told us that it was complimentary.  This guy’s a true professional at creating good PR for the restaurant.

In all we enjoyed our food and the excellent service at Parco Ibsen and will have no hesitation in dining here again.

The restaurant is a little away from the main drag, just on the edge of the historical centre in Sorrento and unless you knew about it, you wouldn’t walk through the park to find it.

Ristorante Parco Ibsen
Piazza Antiche Mura
80067 Sorrento
Tel: +39 081.8784294

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Map of Sorrento:

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