Zi’Ntonio Mare – A Fine Seafood Restaurant in Sorrento

Zi’Ntonio Mare Has Great Food and a Nice Setting in Marina Grande:

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Linguine Vongole at Zi’Ntonio Mare

For a good seafood restaurant in Sorrento, our tour guide recommended Ristorante Zi’Ntonio Mare at the Marina Grande. There are a few seafood restaurants in the old harbour area, but she liked Zi’Ntonio Mare.

Zi’Ntonio at the Marina Grande

From the Grand Hotel La Favorita on Via Torquato Tasso, we took a right turn and walked down the cobbled street to Sorrento’s Marina Grande. We had not walked to the Marina Grande before and were not aware that the walk would take some twenty minutes, down a path that was quite poorly lit. At one point we wondered if we were doing the right thing as it was already quite late by Sorrento standards. It was a relief when we spotted the restaurant on the beach.

Like Dining on a Yacht

Zi’Ntonio was designed to give diners the feeling of being on a large yacht and its timber flooring and wooden structure create that marine atmosphere. Although some diners have indicated that the view was spectacular, we were there on a moon-less evening and didn’t get much of a view. There was a wedding dinner taking place and although we were initially a little worried that the party might be noisy, this group was particularly quiet. I too would be quietly concentrating on my food if I had what they were being served  – there was copious amounts of food flowing and the quality of the seafood looked amazingly good.

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Our waiter at Ristorante Zi’Ntonio Mare

What We Ate at Zi’Ntonio Mare

As for us, we started with stuffed zucchini flowers which was tasty, but quite filling. For the main dish I had my signature linguine vongole which was very nicely cooked and delicious, but the star dish of the evening was Tony’s fish. Baked in a salt crust, our waiter very professionally de-boned the fish at our table and served the white fish with a parsley sauce. There was plenty of fish and it was very tender and tasty. It was one of the best fish dishes that Tony had during our stay in Italy. The price was what you would expect to pay for a good fish dish.

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Tony and his fish meal at Zi’Ntonio Mare

Our waiter was very attentive and we took his recommendation of wine for the meal. Although we were conscious of the fact that we would have to traipse twenty minutes uphill to return to our hotel, with a very satisfied tummy, the walk home was painless.

We had a pleasant evening at Zi’Ntonio Mare, away from the maddening crowd in Sorrento town centre, and our only regret was not having the time to go back for a second meal at this restaurant and to enjoy the views and atmosphere at the Marina Grande.

Ristorante Zi’Ntonio Mare
Via Marina Grande 44

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