Verona Arena Celebrates 100 Years of Opera with Aida

Arena di Verona Celebrates 100 Years of Opera with an Anniversary Production of Aida:

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Verona Area at Piazza Bra

2013 marks the 100th anniversary of opera at the Arena di Verona. When operatic production was first staged at the Arena in 1913, Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece Aida was staged to mark the 100th birthday anniversary of this master composer. Up to this day, Aida continues to be one of the most popular operas staged at the Verona Arena.

Festival del Centenario

For the 100th anniversary of Opera at the Verona Arena, Verdi’s spectacular four-act opera returns to Verona’s magnificent Roman amphitheatre whose scale is worthy of the grand and spectacular production of Aida.


Set in Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs, opera lovers will be treated to the magnificent sight of Egyptian pyramids, obelisks with their hieroglyphs and imposing sphinxes, all set against the ancient walls of the Verona Arena. Viewers will be transported to Egypt and the Nile when in a spectacular mise-en-scène, Verona appears in the dazzling light of the desert and the intense blue of the Nile.

And at a time when Egypt is being threatened by an advancing army of Ethiopians, Aida and Radamès renounce the world, choosing to share their passion in the grave and to make their love immortal.

If you’re lucky enough to be in or near Verona over the next two weeks, don’t miss this special anniversary production of Aida at the Verona Arena. There are various categories of seats available and you can book your Verona opera ticket online Here.

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Arena di Verona
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Where is Verona

Verona is in the Veneto region in the north of Italy, about parallel with Venice.

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