Chiesa Evangelica Valdese – Classical Concert

Chiesa Evangelica Valdese – A Venue for Classical Music:

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Rome Waldensian Church

Singing is an important part of the Waldensian church service, so it is natural that Chiesa Evangelica Valdese is a venue for classical music in Rome. At the Great Opera meets Ballet in Rome you can enjoy wonderful lyrical singers, a couple of classical dancers and a famous quartet performing much loved works from opera and ballet.

Music and Ballet in Rome

Because of their good acoustics, churches are great venues for classical music performances.  At the Great Opera meets Ballet in Rome concert, a Chamber Ensemble with oboe, strings and piano, will delight music lovers with the most magical moments of opera and ballet. Music from popular operas such as Rigoletto, La Traviata, Carmen, Madam Butterfly, The Marriage of Figaro and others will be performed by the refined and masterful voices of the soprano, tenor, and baritone. What’s more you will be entertained by the splendid choreography of two dancers from the Academy of Lyric and Dance in Rome.

About the Waldensian Church

There are two Waldensian churches in Rome: the Chiesa Evangelica Valdese on Via IV Novembre, an ancient and historical street at which this concert is performed, and the other in Piazza Cavour connected to the Waldensian Faculty of Theology. Waldensianism is Protestant in denomination and their faithful are called Waldenses.

The current Waldensian of Christianity was born in the Middle Ages , specifically in the twelfth century , as a religious movement, made up of farmers and typically poor, such as the one promoted by Francis of Assisi.  There are some 120 churches spread around Italy, with a high concentration in Piedmont.

You can book the Great Opera meets Ballet in Rome and other concerts at the Chiesa Evangelica Valdese here.


Chiesa Evangelica Valdese
Via IV Novembre 107
00187 Rome

Map of Rome:

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