Roman Nights at the Teatro di Marcello – Summer 2015

Classical Concerts at the Teatro di Marcello or Theatre of Marcellus in Rome:

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Teatro di Marcello by Alexander Z/Wiki

Teatro di Marcello is an ancient theatre in Rome that was the work of Julius Caesar who planned the theatre and Emperor Augustus who completed it in 13BC. This magnificent ancient edifice is the venue of “Notti Romane al Teatro di Marcello” orRoman Nights at the Theatre of Marcellus”, a summer classical concert series.

Notti Romane al Teatro di Marcello

Roman Nights at the Theatre of Marcellus is a series of classical concerts that takes place each year during the Roman summer.

These popular summer concerts are part of the official cultural Music in Rome program of the “Estate Romana” which runs from June 4 to early October.  The rich program changes every evening and includes chamber orchestras and top soloists from all over the world.

At the Teatro Marcello you can enjoy the music of favourite classical composers in the unique ambience of one of the most beautiful and ancient attractions in Rome. The price of your concert ticket includes entry to this historical site.

You can book your Rome concert at the Teatro di Marcello HERE.

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