A Sidetrip to See Frances Mayes’ House Under the Tuscan Sun

A Side Trip to See Frances Mayes’ House in Cortona:

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Bramasole, Frances Mayes’ House in Cortona

Cortona is a charming Tuscan hill town that was quiet and little known to popular tourism before the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”. This romantic comedy, based on Frances Mayes‘ memoirs, has brought increased interest by visitors, especially women, keen to see where the recently divorced Frances (Diane Lane) found her villa under the Tuscan sun, began her new life and ultimately found romance.

Under the Tuscan Sun Tour

Our visit to Cortona included a side trip to see Frances Mayes’ house and to hear about the filming of this movie in Cortona.  From where the coach set us down, it was a 200 metres walk down the road to Frances Mayes’ house.  Incidentally, this is the house that Frances Mayes bought and not the house on which the movie was based.  The movie was filmed in various locations in Italy, including Montepulciano, Florence, Positano and Rome as well as in the States.

It was grey when we arrived and by the time we reached the burnt orange house set on an elevation, the skies opened up on us.  No, it’s not always sunny in Tuscany and yes it does rain here.  We sheltered as best as we could under the cypress trees and looked up at her house from the street level. Just in case you’re wondering if you get to walk in her house, the answer is no.

Our guide was supposed to tell us a little about the filming of the movie in Cortona, but with the heavy downpour, all we could think of was making our way back to the coach without being totally drenched.  So instead of seeing Frances Mayes’ house Under the Tuscan Sun, we experienced Cortona under the Tuscan rain. Ironically too, it seems that Frances Mayes’ house faces the wrong direction and doesn’t have the sunniest disposition. Frances has kindly left a comment below to say that Bramasole faces south. See a few more photos of Bramasole Here.

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    • avatar says

      Hi Frances,
      So nice of you to comment on my post. I wish we had seen your house in more clement conditions, but even in the rain it is a lovely colour.

      What a beautiful and interesting place Cortona is – Giovanni our guide told us you bought another house in the area. Not surprising, you must be tired of tourists peering up at Bramasole from the road!

      Kindest regards,

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