Orsanmichele – A Chapel for Florence’s Powerful Guilds


Orsanmichele – A Chapel for Florence’s Powerful Craft and Trade Guilds: In its former life, Orsanmichele was a grain market (Loggia de Mercato del Grano) on the main road that linked Piazza del Duomo and Piazza della Signoria. Commissioned by the Signoria, the building was converted into a church and used as the chapel for […]

Spanish Steps – Scalinata di Spagna

Spanish Steps, Rome..

These Landmark Rome Steps are a Favourite Destination for Many Visitors: Though the name may not be entirely accurate (they were built by the French), the Spanish Steps (Scalinata di Spagna) in Rome deliver true delight to visitors of any nationality. ‘Ah,’ some will say, ‘they are just stairs’. A way to get from the […]

Sistine Chapel – Michelangelo’s Ceiling Masterpiece

Sistine Chapel Ceiling - Creation of Adam © Travel Signposts

Michelangelos’ Sistine Chapel Ceiling is a Masterpiece: Though named after Pope Sixtus IV, who commissioned the Chapel’s construction, the Sistine Chapel was given everlasting fame by Pope Julius II.  For, in 1508, it was he who commissioned Michelangelo to paint frescoes to cover the 10,000 square foot Sistine Chapel ceiling. But on the way to […]

St. Peter’s Basilica – A Most Sacred Shrine

St. Peter's Square, Rome

Rome’s Foremost Attraction for Pilgrims and Tourists: Formally known by the name Basilica di San Pietro, St. Peter’s Basilica is one of Rome’s foremost tourist attractions. Come here on any morning and you’ll see that a long line of visitors has already formed a big queue to visit this sacred site. If you don’t have […]

Basilica di San Marco – St. Mark's Venice

Basilica di San Marco - Venice

St. Mark’s Basilica is an Amazing church with East and West Influences: Venice is an unusual city, a mixture of influences from East and West. Nowhere is the East-West blend of influence more evident than in the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica), the most famous of the many churches in Venice and probably […]

Palazzo Ducale or The Doge's Palace

Doge's Palace - Venice

One of the premier symbols of Venice: Although the office of the Doge of Venice was created in the seventh century, it was not until the 9th century that the first ducal palace was built. This old palace was destroyed by a series of fire. The existing Palazzo Ducale, located at one end of the […]

A Secret Tour Inside the Doge’s Palace

Arco Foscari - triumphal arch

Doge’s Palace – Home to the Doge as well as the Infamous Prisons: Since the early days of the Venetian Republic, the Doge’s Palace was the seat of the government, housed the Palace of Justice and was the residence of the Doge. It was also used to house the administrative offices of the government, along […]

Enjoy Operas and Classical Music in Florence Churches

Chiesa Orsanmichele_Florence

Florence Opera and Classical Concerts in Historical Churches: Florence is a monument to the Renaissance period and its churches, palaces and art galleries are full of paintings and sculptures that many visitors come to see. In this compact city, there’s plenty to see and do during the daytime such as visits to the Duomo, art […]

Opera and Classical Music Concerts in Venice Churches

Scuola grande dei Carmini

Venice Operas and Classical Music in Historical Church Settings: Venice is a city that makes good use of its magnificent churches and scuole as concert halls.  Many of the churches and scuole were once decorated by famous artists like Tintoretto, Tiepolo and Palma il Giovane so apart from enjoying great opera and classical musical works, […]