Hop-on and Hop-off the Tiber River

Rome Sightseeing from a different perspective:

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Cruising the Tiber River - Rome

We don’t really think of river cruising on our Rome holidays, but you actually can do sightseeing cruises on the Tiber River.

Cruising down the Tiber River allows you to see Rome from a different perspective.  The following are a couple of cruises you can do:

Hop-on Hop-Off Tiber River Cruise

This cruise  allows you to explore Rome sights along the route of the Tiber River. The cruise is between Tiberina Island and Cavour Bridge and you’ll be provided with a headset to listen to entertaining and informative commentary.


As you cruise, you’ll discover almost three thousand years of amazing Roman history with the recorded commentary headsets. You can choose to board at either Trastevere or St. Angelo Pier (near Vatican City) where  river boats depart every 30 minutes.  The loop lasts approximately one hour, and you can stay on or jump off at any stop. It’s the ideal way to see the sights of Rome at your own pace.

Tiber River Dinner Cruise

Wine, dine and relax while you glide along Rome’s Tiber River on this two-hour dinner cruise. It’s a peaceful and fun way to experience Rome by night while you cruise, dine and enjoy music.

This dinner cruise sets sail from Ponte Sant’Angelo dock.  The evening dinner cruise takes you toward Tiberina Island then back up to Ponte del Risorgimento, north of the Borghese Gardens, before returning to Sant’Angelo.


  • A choice of menus to choose from
  • Free drinks included
  • Travel by boat and see the sights from the water

For more details of these Tiber River cruises and how to book:
Hop-on Hop-Off Tiber River Cruise
Tiber River Dinner Cruise

River Cruise Route

Tiber River Cruise Route Follow Me on Pinterest

Tiber River Cruise Route

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