Pigging out on Porcini – Eating out in Rome

Porcini Arrosto at La Carbonara

In pursuit of Funghi Porcini: Porcini Arrosto at La Carbonara On our first night in Rome, we race off to our favourite restaurant on Campo dei Fiori.  After a few weeks on the road, a fix of good Italian food is much needed and at La Carbonara, we know that we’ll have a good meal. […]

A Passion for Porcini

Porcini mushrooms

Food in Rome:  Hooked on Porcini: Reading a recipe in the papers this morning reminds me that the Porcini season is here. Once you’ve had a taste of fresh porcini mushrooms, it stays with you forever and just the mention of it is enough to send a thousand thrills to your taste buds. Porcini mushrooms are […]