Capri: Live from the Monte Solaro Chair-lift!

Capri Monte Solaro Chairlift

The ride up from Anacapri is open to the elements but it’s a real thrill with great views! The chair-lift up to Monte Solaro from Anacapri is an exciting and exhilarating ride – provided the weather is good! There are great views on the way up (and down) and tremendous panoramas of the Faraglioni Rocks […]

A Chairlift Ride from Anacapri to Monte Solaro

Seggiovia Chairlift

The Seggiovia Chairlift Links Anacapri to Monte Solaro, The Highest Point on Capri: Our visit to Capri included a trip to the Grotta Azzura, Capri’s famous Blue Grotto known for its brilliant blue water and blue reflection in the cave. But when we arrived at the Marina Grande in Capri, we were told that our […]