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Italian phone numbers, phone codes and telephone directories

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Phone numbers and phone codes in Italy are pretty easy to find online – and for free, mobile (cell) phones too (mobile phone numbers start with a 3, not zero). The telephone country calling code for Italy is 39. When calling abroad from Italy, the international call prefix is 00. Note that italian area phone codes always start with a zero even when dialled from abroad. Another thing to note is that with italian phone numbers you always have to dial the city code even if you’re in the same city. In Italy phone numbers are always listed as City Code + Phone number.

Free telephone number search

White pages telephone directory for people and businesses in Italy, in English and four other languages (choose the small UK flag top right). Special searches also provides reverse search from telephone number. Entries linked with aerial and road maps.

Good white pages for people and businesses. In Italian but translates well using the Google tool bar (a free install from Google, you really need this). Enter a surname, city, or number in ‘inserisci nome, cognome, citta, numero o partita IVA’ and press ‘Cerca’. Entries have linked google maps.

Yellow pages business directory for Italy in English.

Phone book for people and companies in Italy, in Italian but translates well with Google tool bar. You must enter a ‘Località’ (locality), such as ‘Roma’. Also provides reverse number search.

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