Hotel Punta Tragara – A Historic Capri Hotel

Hotel Punta Tragara – A Capri Hotel with WWII History:

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Hotel Punta Tragara in Capri

On our first walk across Capri island, we came by the Hotel Punta Tragara, a hotel with magnificent views of the coast of Capri.  A marble sign on the salmon-coloured wall of the hotel caught my attention. The Punta Tragara is a hotel of historic significance. During WWII, it served as the headquarters of General Eisenhower. Einsenhower and Winston Churchill met at this location to discuss war strategies. What a magnificent location to plan their war campaigns from.

Punta Tragara History

The Hotel Punta Tragara was originally built in the 1920’s as the residence of the eminent Italian engineer Vismara and his family. Villa Vismara was designed by none other than the great designer and architect, Le Corbusier.  In 1968 the Manfredi family bought the building and over the years transformed the hotel to the small luxurious hotel that it is today.

Where is Punta Tragara

Hotel Punta Tragara is about a ten minute walk from Capri town centre. To reach the hotel, you walk along one of Capri’s most attractive pathways. Some of the island’s magnificent mansions with their beautiful gardens can be seen along this pathway which is lined with displays of brightly colored flowers and Mediterranean vegetation. If you are planning on staying at the Punta Tragara, bear in mind that the only way to get to the hotel is on foot.

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Hotel Punta Tragara – A Historic Building

Near Hotel Punta Tragara is the Belvedere di Punta Tragara, from where you can admire magnificent views of the Capri’s legendary Faraglioni Rocks, the Bay of Marina Piccola and a distant view of Capri’s town centre. However, if you are staying at the hotel, you can enjoy all these spectacular views from the comfort of this luxurious hotel.

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