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St. Christopher's Place, London

It was purely by chance that we came across St. Christopher’s Place this morning when we were pounding down Oxford Street on our way to Bond Street Tube Station. The little lane way caught Tony’s attention and when he ducked in to have a look, he was surprised to find that the little lane opened out to a large area of restaurants and shops.

With our hotel at Marble Arch, this is certainly a convenient area  for eating out during our London visit. Later during the day, our London friends also suggest that St. Christopher’s Place is a good area for our London dining.

Where is St. Christopher’s Place?

St. Christopher’s Place is opposite the Bond Street Tube, and a short distance from Selfridges. Although it is at the very centre of London’s busy West End, it is tucked away away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street.

St. Christopher’s Place offers a diverse range of restaurants, cafes and pubs, ranging from American to Egyptian, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish and more.  It has a nice vibrant atmosphere and is now one of London’s largest concentration of outdoor dining restaurants and cafes.

Dinner at Carluccio’s

Having checked out the various restaurants and tried a few, our favourite for a relaxed meal is Carluccio’s at 3-5 Barrett Street.  Antonio Carluccio is of course well known to foodies in Australia, being an eminent guest at many of our food festivals, so it’s nice for us to be able to dine at his restaurant in London.

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Carluccio's - St. Christopher's Place

We’re really thrilled that we are able to dine alfresco tonight, quite a rarity for us in London.The food at Carluccio’s is good and inexpensive. We have a large platter of vegetarian antipasto which is really delicious, followed by pasta and salad.  Our waiter tonight, a very attentive, young Italian lad added to a pleasurable dining experience.

Carluccio’s also offer a two-course and three-course fixed price menu at very affordable prices.The restaurant is usually quite packed, but tables will become available if you hang around for a few minutes. At their deli section you can buy products such as olives, pasta, risotto rice, etc., all of which they source from all over Italy.

St. Christopher’s Place is a bustling area in the evenings and diners here tonight include a mix of tourists, office executives and groups of individuals who look like  conference attendees.

But St. Christopher’s Place is not about restaurants alone. It is a great shopping area where you can find shoes, jewelry, accessories, fashion wear for men and women, home furnishings, gifts, etc.

If your London hotel is in theWest End and you’re looking for places to eat, St. Christopher’s Lane is easy to get to and you’ll be spoilt for dining choices here.

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