Cycle Challenge – London 2011

The London Cycle Challenge is One of the Cycle Events of London’s Cycle Revolution:

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Cycle Challenge © Transport for London 2005

If all of a sudden you’re noticing a lot of people cycling in London, it’s because the London Cycle Challenge 2011 is on.

The Cycle Challenge is a cycling competition to see which team can cycle the most miles in a month. This competition runs from from June 18 to July 15 and is one of the many cycle events that support London’s Cycle Revolution.

London’s Cycle Challenge

The competition is free to enter and points will be awarded for every mile cycled. Each day, competitors can log in miles on the Cycle Challenge website.

Miles can be logged for any cycle ride, whether you’re commuting or for leisure, and includes cycle journeys outside London. The team with the most points in each category wins.

As London’s Lord Mayor Boris Johnson says, cycling is the healthiest and greenest form of transport.  So get on your bikes and have a cycle of a time!

For more details on how it works, the Cycle Challenge rules and conditions and  how to enrol see

Event:  London Cycle Challenge
When:  June 18 – July 15
Place:   London and Beyond


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