Diamond Jubilee: Regent Street Dressed in its Patriotic Best

Regent Street Will be Dressed in the Union Flag for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee:

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Union Flag - Courtesy VisitBritain

London’s Regent Street is famous the world over for its fashionable shops and some 7.5 million tourists come to the “Mile of Style” each year to see what the latest trends are. This summer, this iconic London shopping street will be dressing up for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, leaving visitors in no doubt where they are.  One hundred and forty Union flags will decorate Regent Street from Monday May 21 to Monday June 18.

Proudly British

The gigantic flags were hugely popular with Londoners and overseas visitors alike when they were first put up in Regent Street to celebrate the Royal Wedding of William and Katherine in 2011. So on the occasion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, what more fitting and patriotic tribute to honour the Queen than to fly the Union Jack.

Great for Business

And with the eyes of the world on London as it prepares for the Olympics, Regent Street dressed in the Union flag will no doubt attract lots of attention. Many of the shops and restaurants on Regent Street are preparing for a record number of visitor arrivals into London’s West End for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and in the lead up to the Olympics. The stunning display of flags will truly welcome visitors.

Where to see the Flags

Starting at the BBC building, north of Oxford Circus, a sea of 140 flags will lead to Piccadilly Circus before continuing down Regent Street in the south. Suspended from 28 crossings, each flag measures 4 x 2.5 metres in size and will create a striking backdrop to one of the world’s most famous historical shopping thoroughfares. Other side streets displaying Union flag buntings include Heddon Street, Swallow Street and the Regent Street Food Quarters.

Map of London:

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  1. avatarAngela Stansbridge says

    Just been to Regents St and :Piccadilly – what a fantastic sight – our flag everywhere. We should fly the flag and be proud – great to mark the Queens golden jubilee and I think they should stay for the Olympics too!
    Gives our capital city the finishing touch – in fact i think we should all have a flag pole!!

    • avatar says

      Hey Angela, thanks for sharing your patriotism. Yes, I too think that the flags should stay for the Olympics and by taking them down on June 18th, it’s a missed opportunity to fly the colours during the games.
      So why don’t you start your flag pole and perhaps others will follow.
      Wishing we were there to see the flags!

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