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At Elliot Rhodes, Belts are a key to dressing with style and individuality:

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Belts and Buckles at Elliot Rhodes

If belts and buckles are your fetish, then one store you’d want to visit on your London holidays is Elliot Rhodes.

We happen upon Elliot Rhodes during our exploration of the streets of Covent Garden. Today’s walk around Covent Garden is not a shopping excursion – there are plenty of shops in the area, but with limited time we resist all temptation to stop and have a look. But, the belts and fancy buckles at Elliot Rhodes found our Achilles heel and we buckle to temptation and enter the shop – an Aladdin’s cave of amazing men’s and women’s belts and buckles.

At Elliot Rhodes, their belief is that the belt should be one of the “keys to dressing with taste, elegance, style and individuality” and not as an afterthought. Seeing some of the fancy buckles in the shop, they definitely do make a statement.  Their range of 200 belt straps and over 800 buckles covering formal belts, jeans belts, golf belts, dressy belts, rhinestone belts, etc.  certainly says something about their passion for belts and buckles.  They even have ‘spiritual belts’.

Interchangeable System

An interesting design feature of Elliot Rhodes belts is that they all come with the same popper device to allow the belts and buckles to be used interchangeably. The buckles attach and detach very easily and this allows customers to swap buckles and straps to create new or different looks and moods, depending on the occasion. From a belt collectors point of view, this is very useful as you can continually update your belt collection with new buckles or straps without having to buy a whole new belt.

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Belts and Buckles - Dressing with style

All Elliot Rhodes belts are handcrafted in Italy and Spain and according to the company, only the best quality leather is used. The belts and buckles are also produced in limited quantities or in many instances, they can be one-offs, so the belts and buckles are quite unique. All their belts are custom fitted and if any alteration is required, they will do it for you while you wait.

For those who can’t decide or need help in choosing a belt or style, the staff at Elliot Rhodes can assist. We were only intending to browse on this occasion and yet we found the staff really friendly and helpful.  So, I’m now a fan of Elliot Rhodes.

You’ll find the two Elliot Rhodes shops at:

Covent Garden
79 Long Acre
Covent Garden

55 Duke of York Square
King’s Road
London SW3 4LY

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