Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

One of the Largest Memorials in London’s Hyde Park:

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Diana Memorial Fountain

One of the largest memorials in London’s Hyde Park is the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. This Memorial, located in the southwest corner of Hyde Park, just south of The Serpentine, has become one of London’s most popular attractions with about a million people visiting it each year.

Diana Memorial Fountain Design

The Diana Memorial Fountain was opened by the Queen in July 2004 and its design aims to symbolize Princess Diana’s life and qualities. The oval stone fountain is laid on a gently sloping portion of Hyde Park so that the water pumped to its highest point flows down in two directions. On the one side, the stream descends fairly calmly down to the tranquil pool at the bottom. The design on the other side consists of various steps, rills, curves and other features causing the cascading water to swirl and ripple its way down to the pool. The two sides are intended to show the two sides of Diana’s life, both happy and times of turmoil.

545 pieces of Cornish granite were used in the construction of the fountain – each shaped by the latest computer-controlled machinery and pieced together using traditional skills. The fountain water, drawn from London’s water table, is constantly being refreshed.

Princess Diana was an open and inclusive person and the memorial fountain is intended for all to come and enjoy this special place.  You’re allowed to sit on the edge of the Memorial and refresh your feet in the fountain stream.  There are three bridges where visitors can cross the water and go right to the centre of the fountain.

Unfortunately I visited at a time when the fountain was undergoing annual maintenance and so I could only enjoy views of it from the fence.

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