Neal's Yard – An Interesting Corner of Covent Garden

Neal's Yard, Covent Garden © Travel Signposts

Neal’s Yard – An Sanctuary of Cafes, Shops and Alternative Businesses: Sometimes you come across places that you instantaneously take a liking to and Neal’s Yard is one of these places for me. I love bright colours and this a small alley in the top corner of Covent Garden is full of brightly coloured buildings, […]

Neal’s Yard – A Fabulous Cheese Shop in Borough Market

Neal's Yard Dairy, London

Neal’s Yard Dairy – A Fabulous Cheese Shop in Borough Market: Borough Market is on our list of places to visit today, but our timing went a little askew and we arrive to find a pretty shut market.  The day would have ended on a highly disappointing note, except that on leaving the market hall […]