Scheveningen – A Bootscooting Seaside Resort

Scheveningen Beach

THERE’S MORE TO SCHEVENINGEN BEACH RESORT THAN JUST BOOTSCOOTING: For a slight change of pace in our tour itinerary, we made a stop at Scheveningen Beach to enjoy some seaside scenery. Scheveningen is one of the eight districts of The Hague. It is the most popular seaside resort in the Netherlands and there are many […]

A Greater Appreciation of Dutch Cheeses at Jacobs Hoeve

Jacobs Hoeve Cheese Farm

AT THE JACOBS HOEVE CHEESE FARM WE GOT TO TASTE SOME OF THEIR DELICIOUS CHEESES: On our trip from Amsterdam to Volendam we stopped by the Jacobs Hoeve Cheese Farm in Katwoude, a village in the province of North Holland, about 2 km north of Monnickendam. The cheese farm enjoys an idyllic setting in the […]

Delft Nieuwe Kerk – The Final Resting Place for the House of Orange Royals

Nieuwe Kerk Tower

DELFT IS THE FINAL RESTING PLACE OF WILLIAM OF ORANGE AND OTHER ROYALS: At the heart of Delft market square is a landmark that links directly to the country’s royal past. The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) on the Markt is where William of Orange (or William the Silent) was entombed in 1584 and since then […]

A Royal Delft Experience

Royal Delft Pottery

A STOP IN THE TOWN OF DELFT TO VISIT ITS FAMOUS ROYAL DELFT FACTORY: Mention Delft and the iconic Delft Blue pottery immediately springs to mind. Delft was a stop on our tour of Belgium and the Netherlands and I was particularly pleased that we were finally visiting this town that is famous the world […]

A Unique Visit to FloraHolland Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer Auction Centre

AALSMEER IS SOMETIMES REFERRED TO AS “THE FLOWER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”: On a recent trip to Amsterdam we visited the FloraHolland Auction Centre in Aalsmeer (Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer). FloraHolland is the largest flower auction centre in the world and they handle about 60% of the international trade in plants and flowers. Their Aalsmeer site is […]

A Cycling Adventure in Holland

On the road in Holland

Holland is a Cyclist’s Paradise! The Netherlands is well known around the world for its love of bikes – so where could be better for a cycling holiday in Europe? With great cycle highways (complete with their own traffic lights) and more bikes than people, Holland is a cyclist’s paradise. This seven day adventure takes […]

Amsterdam Tours for Cruise Passengers

Amsterdam Port

Amsterdam Tours: Worry-free Shore Excursion for Cruise Passengers: The Port of Amsterdam is a very popular stop for ocean cruises and the Amsterdam Cruise Terminal is also the starting point for hundreds of European river cruises.  If your cruise to Amsterdam  or river cruise from Amsterdam includes some free time in this historic city, Viator […]

Bloembollenstreek – The Bulb Fields of Holland


Bloembollenstreek – The Bulb Fields of Holland is a 30 km Stretch From Haarlem to Leiden: The Netherlands is famous for its tulips and other bulbous flowers like the daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, irises and lilies. In a 30 km area stretching from Haarlem to Leiden is Holland’s Bloembollenstreek or Bollenstreek (bulb district), the most important […]

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam


In Amsterdam Coffeeshops Cannabis Are Openly Sold for Recreational Use: Like its De Wallen Red Light District, the coffeeshops in Amsterdam (gedoogbeleid) are a unique feature of the Dutch culture and one that attracts many visitors to the country. In the coffeeshops in Amsterdam it is not the cappuccino or latte that customers seek out […]