Crossing the 71st Parallel to the North Cape

Making it to Nordkapp or the North Cape:

Day 6:  Øksfjord – Hammerfest – Havøysund – Honningsvåg – Kjøllefjord – Mehamn – Berlevåg. In Finnmark, icebergs, wind and weather have created a harsher, more dramatic landscape. You will see both abandoned fishing stations and lively fishing ports bustling with activity.Havøysund is the next port of call before arriving in Honningsvåg in the late morning. To many people the visit to North Cape, the mountain with the peculiar horn, is the highlight of the round voyage.
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The North Cape Road in Winter

From 02:00 – 06:45 The Richard With made stops at Øksfjord and Hammerfest early this morning. We will get to see Hammerfeston our return journey.09:30 – A quick 15-minute stop at Havøysund allows us time to look over the side of the ship and take a few shots of the port area.  It’s 09:30 in the morning, but the darkness makes it feel more like 21:30.

11:45 – We arrive at Honningsvåg and depart for the North Cape excursion as soon as we dock.  This is the highlight of the voyage for many passengers and most take the excursion to Nordkapp or the North Cape, including Barbara.

A bus awaits us for the 34 km ride to the North Cape.  The North Cape Road is snowed over and not accessible by car in the winter season.  Hurtigruten has arrangements for a snow tractor to clear the passage for us.

Through the bright headlights of the snow tractor we see thick snow spraying away from the road.  It is quite a sight.  Barbara closes her eyes for most of this road journey, which surprises me.  Having lived her whole life in the U.K., I would have thought that she is used to travelling in snowy conditions.

We arrive at the Nordkapphallen (the North Cape Hall) which has a cafe, gift and souvenir shop and offers panoramic views of the coast.  We also watch a wide screen video presentation on Finnmark’s changing season.  But most important of all is the walk to the famous globe monument, the symbol for the northernmost point in Europe, and to take some pictures of the North Cape.  It’s freezing and getting the camera to fire and avoiding frozen fingers is a challenge.  See our sightseeing post on the North Cape.

15:15 – Hurtigruten cruise ship leaves Honningsvåg.

15:40 – A presentation on Sami history.

17:15 – We are in Finnmark and the scenery takes on a change – icebergs, wind and weather have created a harsher, more dramatic landscape.  The big surprise we’ve been told to look out for is Finnkirka, the special mountain formation down by the water.

17:40 – A quick 5-minute stop at Kjøllefjord.

19:40 – We arrive at Mehamn, the northernmost community on the European mainland.  This is another quick 20 minute stop.

22:40 – Another quick 5-minute stop at Berlevåg.

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