Tromsø – Capital of Arctic Norway

This Gateway to the Arctic is also known as the “Paris of the North”:

DAY 5: Stokmarknes – Sortland – Risøyhamn – Harstad – Finnsnes – Tromsø – Skjervøy. You awake to find the ship sailing between Norway’s two largest islands, Hinnoya and Senja. Or perhaps, earlier still, in Harstad. Finnsnes is reached late morning, a community where the equipment factory is vital to the fishing industry. After crossing Malangen, you’ll experience the route’s most dynamic maelstrom, Rystraumen.At 2.30 p.m. you will arrive in Tromso made world famous as ‘Arctic City’ after numerous research and hunting expeditions from 1850 to 1930. Here you have time at leisure for shopping and sightseeing.
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Ishavskatendralen Cathedral, Tromsø

From 00:50 – 08:00 the ship sailed through Stokmarknes, Sortland, Risøyhamn and Harstad.  We will have the opportunity to see these ports on our return trip.

08:10 – Our ship calls into Trondenes, where there’s a medieval church on the left side of the shore.  It’s too early to worry about leaping onshore.

11:10 – We arrive in Finnsnes, an important trading centre for the district and an industrial town.  The town centre is 200 metres to the left of the pier but for this half hour stop we have enough time to just walk around the pier.

12:00 – Tromsø is the next big stop and we have a presentation about this important town.  The cruise director speaks five languages fluently and does presentations in various languages where necessary.

14:30 – The Richard With docks in Tromsø, right in the centre of the city.  We have four hours here and most of the sightseeing attractions are within easy walking distance of the pier so we set off our own.

Tromsø is the largest town in the Polar region of Scandinavia and there’s plenty to see here.  It has earned itself the tag of “Paris of the North” due to the culture, intellectual life and fashionable lifestyle of the city.  By now we’re used to the idea of sightseeing in the dark but at times we long for light so that we can see what the places are really like.  See our post on Tromsø sightseeing.

Passengers who’ve signed up for the Dog Sledding excursion leave by bus for their dog sledding destination.  This optional excursion costs NOK900, which is rather expensive.  You can also do a guided walk of Tromsø.

18:30 – We leave Tromsø and the next port of call at 22:30 is Skjervoy where there’s only a 15 minute stop.  After Skjervoy the ship enters the open waters of Lopphavet.

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