Back in Trondheim on Boxing Day

Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyage: Stranded in Trondheim… but for Three Hours Only:

Day 12: Trondheim – Kristiansund – Molde – Ålesund. At 6.30 a.m. the ship arrives into Trondheim where you are able to visit the 12th Century Nidaros Cathedral, Norway’s largest medieval church. After a few hours in Trondheim the ship will depart Trondheim at 10:00 am and continue its journey, sailing out through the beautiful Trondheimsfjord, past the islands of Grip and Hitra with large herds of deer. It will then pass Smola before arriving in Kristiansund, a town famous for the local salted cod. The second last stop today will be Molde before arriving in Ålesund at midnight.

Today you will have a Christmas Buffet served in the restaurant, followed by a Boxing Day Dance. Mulled wine, coffee and cake buffet will be available at the bar.
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Bryggen on the Nidelva River, Trondheim..

06:30 –  We arrive in Trondheim where we had a long stop on our north-bound journey.  Trondheim is a Viking city, founded by Viking King Olav Tryggvasson back in 997.  It is also Norway’s third largest city.07:58 – There is an optional Trondheim sightseeing tour for new passengers who’ve joined the cruise for the southbound journey.

We have a quick breakfast and rush out to catch more of Trondheim sights.  This time we walk across the Bakke Bru bridge, just past the Clarion Hotel, into the Rosenborg district.

Even as the first light is trying to break into the morning skies, we can see that this is an affluent part of Trondheim.  Easily visible are five star hotels, shopping centres, office building of Deloittes and many trendy looking apartment blocks and nice boardwalks line the waterways.  There are also many speedboats in the river moorings and bars and recreational facilities abound here.

We walk a in big loop and then rush back to the ship which is leaving at 10 a.m.

13:00 – We were supposed to leave Trondheim at 10 a.m., but engine problems delay our departure by 3 hours.  Not a nice Boxing Day present for the captain and officers.  The engineers must have been sweating, but I didn’t mind.  Secretly, I wouldn’t have minded being stranded here for a few extra days as I didn’t want to cruise to end.  Norway is a beautiful country, the people here are great and we’ve enjoyed the cruise immensely.

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Munkholmen Island, Norway..

13:05 – We pass the grim looking island of Munkholmen again on the starboard side, the island that’s been used as a place of execution, a monastery and a prison.Our next port of call is Kristiansund which we are supposed to call into at 16:30 but due to the three hours delay in Trondheim we will be arriving later.  The captain is pushing the ship along to make up for lost time.

Along the next part of the journey, we pass the Fosen shipyard where Hurtigruten’s MS Trollfjord and MS Midnatsol were built.  We also pass the Agdenes lighthouse before leaving the Trondheimsfjord.

By the time we reach the island of Hitra, the largest island in southern Norway, it is already dark.  Hitra is home to Europe’s largest herd of deer.

17:30 – We have a disembarkation briefing.  There are people who are going straight to Bergen Airport after the cruise so they will be concerned about arriving back in Bergen on time.  Luckily for us, we are staying a night in Bergen.

We also have a film screening of Hurtigruten’s other cruises to Antarctica, Greenland and Spitsbergen, all very enticing to people with the travel bug.

It’s dinnertime when the ship calls into Kristiansund for half an hour.  I don’t think anyone went ashore.

After Kristiansund, the ship crosses the open waters of Hustadvika.  We are in view of parts of the huge “Ormen Lange” gas installation, the largest industrial project in Norway.

23:00 – I think it’s about this time when we arrive in Molde.  There’s a 45 minute stop here, but as we’ve been ashore before and it’s late, we give this stop a miss.   Ålesund is the next port of call, but we won’t be staying up for this.

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