Summer Chamber Music by the Moscow Chamber Music Academy

Summer Chamber Music in Norwegian Churches by the Moscow Chamber Music Academy:

The Moscow Chamber Music Academy is doing a three-week tour of Norway, performing at various churches around this beautiful country.

Under the baton of cellist Igor Bobowitsch, the  Academy will perform selected works by master composers such as Bach, Chopin, Haydn, Vivaldi and others. They will be performing just one session in each of the cities.

To enjoy summer chamber music in the intimate setting of one of Norway’s churches, check out the links below:

3 JulyVanse Kirke (Vanse)
4 JulyKristiansand Domkirke (Kristiansand)
5 JulyStavern Fredriksvern Kirke (Stavern)
7 JulyTønsberg Domkirke (Tønsberg)
8 JulyLillehammer Kirke (Lillehammer)
14 JulyÅlesund Kirke (Ålesund)
15 JulyKristiansund Nordlandet Kirke (Kristiansund)
17 JulyHol Gamle Kirke (Hol Gamle)
18 JulyGrimstad Fjære Kirke (Grimstad)
20 JulyHeddal Stavkyrkje (Notodden)
21 JulyTvedestrand Dypvåg Kirke (Tvedestrand)


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