Hurtigruten Cruise: A King Crab Adventure

Hunting for King Crabs on the Hurtigruten Cruise:

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The King Crab Hunter, Norway..

A King Crab Safari is one of the optional tours offered by Hurtigruten on its Norwegian Coastal Cruise. This excursion offers passengers a unique experience of watching the guides go ice fishing to catch the largest and freshest King Crabs in the world, after which the crabs are cooked for your enjoyment.

However, due to the small number of passengers on our Christmas cruise, this excursion was not offered – we didn’t go hunting for king crabs, but instead the king crabs were brought to us.

Late one evening (after Honningsvåg) we were invited to come out to the side of the ship to watch crabs being caught on one of the small islands where there’s a colony of giant crabs.

King Crab Fishing

The ship’s search light shone on the island, but we were a little too far away to see anything.

We saw the “crab hunter” came back to the ship in a motorized rubber dinghy to deliver the freshly caught crabs to the ship. In the darkness it was hard to see him deliver the catch but the guy did make it to the ship with his cargo.

These incredible crustaceans can span up to two metres and weigh up to 15 kilos. We had king crabs for dinner the next evening and the two following evenings as there were plenty to go around.  The crabs were boiled, nicely cut up and the shells smashed so you don’t have to do too much work on them.  So, not having a king crab  adventure worked out well for us.

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