Nordkapphallen, a Visitor Centre at the Edge of the World

Visiting the North Cape Hall or Nordkapphallen

Nordkapphallen, North Cape.. Follow Me on Pinterest

Nordkapphallen, North Cape..

Day 6 of our Hurtigruten cruise and our coach from Honningsvåg drops us off at the North Cape Hall or Nordkapphallen, a visitor centre with very modern facilities.

The North Cape Hall was built inside the mountain and from here you have a panoramic view of the coast. The North Cape globe monument can also be seen from here, if you aren’t able to walk to the monument.

Nordkapphallen Facilities

There is an information office, souvenir shop and post office in the visitor centre so you can send your North Cape postcards from here.

You also have the opportunity to join up as a member of the Royal North Cape Club at the centre.

There are also food outlets like the Café Kompasset, Restaurant Kompasset and Grotten Bar, but these are all shut during our winter visit. The place is pretty deserted and we are the only people here this afternoon, but in summer it must be quite chaotic. Each year over 200,000 people come to the North Cape cliff top.

In the underground levels there are exhibitions about the North Cape’s long history and its attraction for travellers. The centre has a super-videograph, a 225° wide-screen system, where you can watch a film by Ivo Caprino about the changing seasons at Finnmark region.

St Johannes Kapell is the world’s northernmost ecumenical chapel and visitors are able to use it for prayers, meditation as well as arrange to have wedding ceremonies here.

"Children of the World" Sculpture.. Follow Me on Pinterest

“Children of the World” Sculpture..

At the back of the Nordkapphallen is the famous and graphic  “Children of the World” (Verdens Barn) sculptures.

This series of seven circular sculptures were designed in June 1988 by children aged between 8 and 12 years to symbolise friendship, hope, joy and working together. The children spent seven days at North Cape to create the sculptures which is dedicated to Peace on Earth.

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  1. avatarFriedrich Hofko says

    wae 3 mal am Nordkapp mit dem Fahrrad und ich kann nur sagen es sehr erhebend.
    Norwegen und Nordkapp und die schönen Landschaften sind ergreifend und wunderbar.
    Norge er en svært viktig del av meg, jo mer jeg ikke vil gå glipp av.
    Jeg føler koblet til land der og språket veldig mye og ser frem til den tid i Norge.
    En kjærlighetserklæring til det norske landskapets skjønhet og dramatikk.
    Dette er norge. Tusen takk til norge.Jeg elsker dette lande.
    Med vennlig hilsen.
    Friedrich Hofko

  2. avatarFriedrich Hofko says

    Alle som var i norge, som kommer tilbake.
    Jeg ville sette pris på svaret ditt veldig mye.
    Stolt og imponert..dette er Norge/Nordkapp.
    Vi ses………………………….i Norge 2011
    Lykke til.

  3. avatar says

    Hei Friedrich,
    Vi vil gjerne komme tilbake til vakre landet. Norge er veldig dyrt sted å besøke så vi blir nødt til å spare hardt.
    Jeg ønsker deg en God Jul i NordKapp.

  4. avatarFriedrich Hofko says

    Hei helen !

    Vi ses 2011 om nordkapp! Jeg gleder mich !
    Jeg ønsker deg en God Jul i Australia !
    Jeg liker Norge og jeg ville se frem til et brev fra deg.
    Har du spørsmål ?
    Tusen takk og vennlig hilsen.
    Ha en fin dag.
    Hvorfor snakke du norsk??


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