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Norway telephone Follow Me on Pinterest Calling a Norwegian phone number – or mobile (cell) phone number – is no problem, even though Norway may be a rugged country that stretches far into the Arctic Circle! Norway phone numbers, residential and business information can all be found in the numerous online Norway phone books and telephone directories.

All private Norwegian telephone numbers have 8 digits (which actually contain the two digit area phone code). The country telephone code for Norway is 47, so to call a phone number in Norway, just add the subscriber number.

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White Pages directory for residential numbers of people in Norway. Includes mobile phone numbers, search by number, and Gule Sider Maps map links – click on the Maps link at the top and you can find locations.

Yellow Pages for Norway, includes reverse search, and maps.

White pages directory for Norway, but retrieved from Telefonkatalogen (above). In Norwegian so use the Google toolbar to translate. BUT it also searches the web, images, videos, maps and "the Great Norwegian Encyclopedia…!

White pages phone book for Norway, in Norwegian. You can search for what you want (industry, company, person, phone number or address) by typping it into the single search box. There are also Map, Cross-Border and Accounting (Corporate) options.

White pages for people and businesses in Norway with 6.7 million entries. In Norwegian. Search by person or phone number, and press Søk. Businesses are listed first. All entries in the directory are associated maps and satellite images. Do a search by name, number or link, then select an entry’s "more info" link and a page with a location map will open up.

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