Eurostar Check-in at Gare du Nord

Eurostar Paris

The Eurostar Check in Procedure at Paris Gare du Nord is Easy and Painless: Our recent trip to Europe was an interesting one from a luggage perspective. Apart from our mobile office and camera equipment, we had clothing and shoes for the cold weather in Paris, smart clothing for our two-week boutique river cruise, walking […]

Living Like a Local in our Paris Apartment

Apartment in Paris

Renting a Paris Apartment was a New Experience that Worked out Well: After many hours of searching for a Paris apartment, I finally settled on booking Olivier’s apartment through the VRBO network. When you haven’t rented apartments directly from strangers in the past, you get a bit uncertain about making a commitment, especially for a […]

Booking your Paris Apartment

Apartment in Paris

Booking your Paris Apartment Requires Some Work if You Want the Right Apartment: Over the past years, our visits to Paris have always been short trips of no more than a week and like the majority of visitors, we have always used hotels for our Paris accommodation. But for this trip, where we will be […]

Paris: Practical Information

Useful information for your stay in Paris City of Paris Language Time Electricity Weights & Measures Money, Banks etc. Public Holidays Emergencies Events, performances, etc. Telephone, fax Post Taxis Language: French, and it’s always a big help to know a few phrases in the local lingo… Bonjour! Learn French online for free! This is a […]