Óbidos – Portugal’s Perfect Medieval Fortress

Porta da Vila, Obidos town gate

Óbidos is one of the most perfect examples of medieval fortresses in Portugal. Once a town of queens, this pretty and well preserved medieval town has a lot to offer tourists. It’s annual Medieval Fair and International Chocolate Festival are very popular with local and overseas tourists.

Cascais – A Fashionable Seaside Resort

Cascais Town Square

For over a century, Cascais was the preferred destination of European aristocracy who come to spend their summer months here. Today this fashionable seaside resort attracts weekenders from Lisbon and local and overseas tourists who come to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

Arraiolos Hand-Embroidered Wool Carpets

Carpet making - Arraiolos

Arraiolos is noted for its wool carpets which have been woven here since the 13th century. Arraiolos carpets (tapetes arraiolos) have decorated palaces and manor houses in Portugal for centuries.

Nazaré’s Fishing Tradition

Fish Drying, Nazare

Portugal’s Famous Fishing Town: With its natural beauty and stretches of long sandy beaches, Nazaré is a popular Portuguese beach resort and each year thousands of local and overseas tourists come to enjoy this lovely beach-side town. Walking along the seafront, it is quite obvious that tourism is the main contributor to Nazaré ‘s income. […]

Sítio Sightseeing Attractions | Nazaré

Nossa Senhora da Nazaré Church

Sitio – A different world altogether: A short funicular ride up from Nazaré and we’re in Sítio, the old part of town that sits on the cliff-top. I’m really pleased that we’ve sacrificed the sardines and cakes in Nazaré to come up here as it’s a different world altogether.  Being away from the sea, farming […]

Nazare – Funicular Railway to Sitio

Nazare Funicular

Ascenor da Nazare 1889 – 2014: 2014 marks the 125th anniversary of the Nazare’s Funicular. This century-old public transport mode was inaugurated on July 28, 1889.  The funicular railway is  considered to be one of the better initiatives of the town’s history, allowing the growth and development of the district of Sitio, on top of […]

Nazaré – Portugal’s Famous Fishing Village

Nazare, viewed from Sitio

Portugal’s Famous Fishing Village: We arrive in Nazaré at lunchtime, after a 45 minutes drive from Batalho. This little fishing village with its huge stretch of beautiful sandy beach is a pleasant change of scenery from the castles, fortresses and churches that we’ve been visiting. We’ve already been primed on what to eat here, which […]

Port Wine from The House of Sandeman – Porto

Sandeman Porto

The House of Sandeman and the History of Port Wine : Port wine it seems was discovered in the 17th century when British merchants added brandy to the wine of the northern Douro region to prevent it souring and to improve its shelf-life during shipment to England. The wine was called Port, after the port […]

Port Wine Tasting at The House of Sandeman – Oporto

Port wine tasting - Oporto

Meet the Mysterious Don at The House of Sandeman: We’re on a port wine-tasting tour of The House of Sandeman. Our “Don” guide (in fact, a blonde woman dressed like Antonio Banderas in “Zorro”) meets us at the entrance. Even after claiming for years  ‘reformed status’ as regards his time as an ad agency creative […]