Travel to Portugal

The 16th century Belém Tower, the ceremonial gateway to Lisbon

Travel to Portugal for one of Europe’s hidden tour gems! It may be a small country, but travel to Portugal has a lot going for it given the nation’s long and colourful history, varied landscape of fine beaches, sweeping golden plains and green, often mountainous, river valleys and fascinating mix of lifestyles and traditions. It’s […]

Useful facts for travel to Portugal

Useful facts to help you plan your visit to Portugal Festivals Public Holidays Visas Health Time Electricity Weights & Measures Money, Banks etc. Useful Telephone Numbers Festivals Portugal has many festivals and religious holidays that are worth seeing if you have the chance: Calendar Public and Bank holidays for 2014 1st January – New Year’s […]

Money in Portugal: the Euro

Money: EURO (EUR) Portugal was one of the 12 original European Union countries which switched to the Euro in January 2002. Prior to converting to the Euro, the Portuguese currency was the Escudo. 1 Euro is divided into 100 cents. The notes are differentiated by their size and colour and come in seven denominations. One […]