Arraiolos – Famous for its Embroidery and Arraiolos Carpets

Arraiolos Town

Arraiolos is Famous for its Embroidery and Arraiolos Carpets: Arraiolos is a small town with a very long tradition of embroidery. For over five centuries, its embroiderers have created famous tapestries and carpets that have hung on the walls of palaces, castles and manors in Portugal. Most people come to Arraiolos to see its Tapetes […]

Parque das Nações – Lisbon’s Park of the Nations

Parque das Nações - Photo by Barao78

Parque das Nações – A Leisure, Commercial and Residential Area in Lisbon: On the eastern side of Lisbon sits Parque das Nações (Park of the Nations), a waterfront area whose modern structures contrast spectacularly to the city’s old quarters.  Seeing Parque das Nações today, one would not suspect that this area was once an eyesore.  […]

Sintra – A Favourite Summer Retreat for the Royals

Palácio Nacional de Sintra..

Sintra – A Favourite Summer Retreat for the Kings and Queens of Portugal: Only half an hour outside Lisbon lies one of the most fascinating sights of this already spectacular area of Portugal: Sintra. Set atop craggy ridges lies the palace that looks down on the town below. Centuries ago the Moors fortified the area […]

Where to Stay on Your Fatima Holiday

Hotel in Fatima

A Central Hotel Just Next to the Fatima Shrine: We arrive at Fatima in the evening and there is just enough time to have a quick shower before dinner. There’s a mass and candlelight procession on tonight at 21:30 at the Chapel of the Apparitions and we are fortunate that our hotel for the evening, […]

Óbidos – Portugal’s Perfect Medieval Fortress

Porta da Vila, Obidos town gate

Óbidos is one of the most perfect examples of medieval fortresses in Portugal. Once a town of queens, this pretty and well preserved medieval town has a lot to offer tourists. It’s annual Medieval Fair and International Chocolate Festival are very popular with local and overseas tourists.

Cascais – A Fashionable Seaside Resort

Cascais Town Square

For over a century, Cascais was the preferred destination of European aristocracy who come to spend their summer months here. Today this fashionable seaside resort attracts weekenders from Lisbon and local and overseas tourists who come to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

Faro – Algarve

Faro Waterfront - The Algarve

The Administrative Capital of the Algarve: Faro has been the administrative capital of the Algarve since 1756. The word Faro comes from Farum which was taken from the last part of the name of a past Moorish governor. When the Moors ruled Faro, they renamed the town in the 11th century after one of their […]

Europe’s Biggest Tourist Complex

Vilamoura Marina - The Algarve

Vilamoura is Europe’s biggest tourist complex: Along the coastal stretch, between Lagos and Faro, is a strip of luxury resorts, villa complexes and high-rise hotels. Vilamoura sits between these two towns and is a key example of the types of rapid tourist developments that have sprung up in the Algarve. Vilamoura commands pride of place […]

The Algarve – Portugal

Vila Sol Resort, Vilamoura

More than Sun, Sand and Sea: The Algarve is noted for its stretches of beautiful beaches and with 280 days of sunshine in the year, this is one of the favourite holiday destinations for Europeans seeking a beach holiday or just time to chill out.  The Algarve coastline is very varied and along its 200-kilometer […]

The Algarve – Europe’s Premier Golfing Destination

Golf course layout

Portugal is a well established golfing destination and many golf enthusiasts and professionals come to Portugal on specialist golfing holidays. The Algarve in particular is one of Europe’s top golfing regions.  Its mild winter season and the large number of quality championship golf courses make the Algarve a desirable golfing destination.  Most of the golf […]