Café de Paris – Sintra

Café with a Palatial View:

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Café de Paris, Sintra

Set in the historic centre of Sintra Vila is the iconic Café de Paris which enjoys fine views of the Palácio  Nacional de Sintra (National Palace).

At the Café de Paris, you have a choice of dining on the balcony, the terrace or the fine-dining restaurant with its chandeliers and French style decorations.

The terrace café faces the National Palace and it’s a nice place to relax after a busy day sightseeing.  You can watch the buzz of the town in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a baguette, savoury crepes and other international fare.

Some say that the Café de Paris’ setting is more impressive than the cuisine whilst others have complained about the cost of a cup of coffee.  But, one needs to consider that the café is in a prime tourist location and like any other tourist destinations in the world, you pay for the pleasure of the location and views.

Café de Paris’ Pedigree

The restaurant’s history dates back to 1920 when it originally operated as the “Pearl of Sintra”.  A restoration took place in 1945 and it was renamed Café de Paris .  According to the Café’s website, Michelin guide has nominated Café de Paris as “the best address in Sintra” and it is frequented by local and international celebrities.  So, it does have some ‘star’ credentials.

If you can secure a table outside, it is a pleasant place to stop for a drink or even a meal and soak in the atmosphere of Sintra.

We didn’t dine here but our friends did, and what a fabulous shot of their crepe dish by Gordon Rolleston.

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