Useful facts for travel to Portugal

Useful facts to help you plan your visit to Portugal


Portugal has many festivals and religious holidays that are worth seeing if you have the chance: Calendar

Public and Bank holidays for 2014

  • 1st January – New Year’s Day   (Ano Novo)
  • 4th March – Shrove Tuesday / Carnival
  • 17th April – Maundy Thursday (Afternoon only)
  • 18th April – Good Friday  (Sexta-feira Santa)
  • 20th April – Easter Sunday
  • 25th April – Liberation Day  (Dia 25 de Abril)
  • 1st May – Labour Day  (Dia do Trabalhador)
  • 10th June – Portugal Day  (Dia de Portugal e de Camoes)
  • 13th June – St Anthony’s Day (Lisbon only)
  • 19th June – Corpus Christi Day  (Corpo de Deus)
  • 24th June – St John’s Day (Oporto  & Braga only)
  • 15th August – The Assumption of Our Lady  (Assuncao de Nossa Senhora)
  • 5th October –  Republic Day  (Implantacao da Republica)
  • 1st November – All Saints  (Dia de Todos-os-Santos)
  • 1st December – Restoration of Independence  (Dia da Restauracao) – Public holiday cancelled
  • 8th December – Immaculate Conception  (Imaculada Conceicao)
  • 24th December – Christmas Eve (Banks, official offices only)
  • 25th December – Christmas Day  (Natal)

What to take

Dress in Portugal tends to be informal but conservative.


None required for EU nationals. Nationals of Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA can stay for 90 days visa-free. Everyone else needs a visa.

Health risks:

Sunburn in summer, insect bites.


GMT/UTC (winter), GMT/UTC+1 (summer)


220V, 50Hz, 2-pin (round) plug 2-pin plug (round)

Weights & measures:

Metric (same as France)

Metric Weights and Measures and their equivalents

Clothing and shoe sizes conversion: US, UK, Europe

Euro banknotes


The Euro (€)
Check out our Euro Guide (with pictures)

  • As of January 1, 2002, the euro (€) replaced the national currency of 12 countries within the European Union, including Portugal. You can exchange currency at any bank branch (hours are listed below). Automatic cash machines can be found in most commercial centres.
  • Bank Opening Hours
    Banking hours in Portugal are from 08:30 am to 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Most banks are closed on weekends and public holidays.
  • ATMs and Credit Cards
    ATM machines are widely available in Portugal, even in small towns and they are the simplest way of obtaining cash. Credit cards are also widespread, allowing easy access to over the counter advances in banks and they are generally accepted in most Portuguese hotels, restaurants, petrol stations and shops
  • Currency exchange
    Currency exchange can be carried out at all bank branches. Bureaux de change can also be found in large department stores, railway stations, airports and near to tourist sites. Automatic currency exchange machines are also to be found. Please note: although the exchange rate is fixed, commission rates are not. By law these must be clearly displayed.

Check out the current Euro exchange rate with your currency here (close the new window to return): TRAVELSIGNPOSTS CURRENCY CONVERTER


Useful telephone numbers :

The international access code for Portugal is +351. No area or city codes are needed. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code.

  • National Emergency Number: 112
  • Tourism Information in Portugal: 808 781 212
  • National Directory Enquiries: PT – Portugal Telecom: 118
  • ACP- Automobile club in Portugal:707 509 510
  • National Coach company (Rede-Expressos): 707 223 344
  • National Rail Enquiries(CP- Comboios de Portugal):808 208 208

Lost Credit Cards/Travellers’ Cheques

  • American Express American Express 707 50 40 50 / 21 427 82 05
  • Euro/MastercardEuro/Mastercard 800 811 272
  • VisaVISA 800 811 107
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