Skara Brae – A Village Older than the Egyptian Pyramids

Skara Brae - Orkney Islands

Skara brae is by far the Oldest Neolithic site in Northern Europe: Standing in a village that’s over 5,000 years old is a pretty awesome experience. Skara Brae was an inhabited village long before the Egyptian pyramids were built and although we do not hear too much about it, Skara Brae was a flourishing place […]

Jedburgh Abbey – A Castle in Scotland's Border Country

Jedburgh Abbey - Scotland

An Augustinian House of Royal Patronage: Travelling in the Scottish border region you’ll see a landscape that’s dotted with imposing castles, elegant abbeys, stately mansions and dramatic ruins, all of which tell interesting stories of the area’s turbulent and romantic history. Jedburgh Abbey is the first of the amazing abbeys that we come across as […]

The Only Malt Whisky Trail in the World – Speyside

Speyside - Scottish Highlands

Spey Valley’s Whisky Country: If there’s one thing that Scotland has a lot of, it’s whisky distilleries and this country also has the only Malt Whisky Trail in the world. To make good whisky requires pure spring water, good supplies of golden barley and peat and good whisky distilleries are usually found in pristine environments […]

The Scotch Pie also Kwown as "Football Pie"

Scotch Pie  - A Favourite Scottish Food

The Scotch Pie – An all-time Favourite Scottish Fast Food : Whenever you want to find out what a popular local fast food is just check out what’s being sold at the local favourite sporting event or any large outdoor event. In the case of Scotland, Scotch pie is the favourite Scottish food. It has […]

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Anyone?

A Plate of Haggis..

Scotland’s National Dish is not for the faint-hearted: The haggis is a national dish of Scotland although some say that the ancient Romans were the first people known to have made haggis-type products. At any traditional meal in Scotland, you can expect to see this dish served, as we were at our Southern Highlands hotel. […]

Gretna Green Wedding over the Blacksmith’s Anvil

Gretna Green

You no longer have to runaway to get married at Gretna Green: We were returning to England from Glasgow when our coach called into Gretna Green, a small village near the Scottish/English border. I have never heard of Gretna Green before, but obviously many runaway couples have as this village was famous for its runaway […]

Airport Transfer: Kirkwall Airport (KOI) – Orkney Islands


Ground transportation from/to Kirkwall Airport: Kirkwall Airport provides access to the Orkney Islands from Scotland’s major cities, Shetland and Bergen (Norway). It is the air transport hub for the islands and also provides inter-island air links to the northern isles of Orkney. Flybe and Loganair operate flights from Kirkwall. Schedule services from Kirkwall include: Flybe […]

Enjoy life’s small victories, says Edradour

Edradour Distillery, Southern Highlands

Scotland’s smallest distillery: No visit to Scotland is complete without a visit to a whisky distillery and this morning we visit Edradour, Scotland’s smallest distillery.  At Edradour, the local water, the finest malt and age-old skills combine to produce a ‘wee dram’. Edradour is nestled in a pocket glen in the hills above Pitlochry in […]

See the Spectacular EdinburghTattoo at Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle all fired up for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Edinburgh Tattoo is a Spectacular Event at Edinburgh Castle: We arrive at Edinburgh Castle in good time and already the stands are  filling up. Edinburgh Castle is the setting for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and thousands of visitors from all over the world flock here to see this famous military tattoo each year. The […]