The Wee Dram that the Queen Enjoyed

Royal Lochnagar - Courtesy VisitBritain

Royal Lochnagar – The Single Malt Whisky With the Royal Seal of Approval: Royal Lochnagar is a distillery situated on the south side of the River Dee about a half a mile from Balmoral Castle. There are indeed many whisky distilleries in Scotland, but few malt whiskies can claim the “Royal” prefix to its name. […]

Drambuie – "The Drink That Satisfies"


Drambuie or “An Dram Buidheach” is The Drink That Satisfies in Scottish Gaelic: The stories of Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart) and the Jacobite Uprising of 1745 are part and parcel of any visit to the Scottish Highlands. Charlie’s insurrection ended in a defeat at the Battle of Culloden, but his flight from Scotland […]

The Best Fish and Chips at The Seaforth in Ullapool

The Seaforth, Ullapool © Travel Signposts

The Fish and Chips at The Seaforth in Ullapool Restored Smiles to People’s Faces : We arrived in Ullapool at lunchtime, a town that most knew nothing about save that it was once a thriving fishing port.  After a couple of nights in a Thurso hotel where many guests had a pretty poor accommodation experience, […]

Edinburgh Pubs and Bars Where Locals Tread

Kay's Bar, Edinburgh © Travel Signposts

Edinburgh Has More Pubs and Bars Than the Number of Days in a Year : With more pubs in Edinburgh than the number of days in a year, trying to find the best pub to go to during your Edinburgh holiday is an impossible task. Just along Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, there are pubs galore, […]

The Scotch Pie also Kwown as "Football Pie"

Scotch Pie  - A Favourite Scottish Food

The Scotch Pie – An all-time Favourite Scottish Fast Food : Whenever you want to find out what a popular local fast food is just check out what’s being sold at the local favourite sporting event or any large outdoor event. In the case of Scotland, Scotch pie is the favourite Scottish food. It has […]

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Anyone?

A Plate of Haggis..

Scotland’s National Dish is not for the faint-hearted: The haggis is a national dish of Scotland although some say that the ancient Romans were the first people known to have made haggis-type products. At any traditional meal in Scotland, you can expect to see this dish served, as we were at our Southern Highlands hotel. […]