Orkney Islands – Steeped in Prehistoric History

Map of Orkney Islands

The Orkney Islands – Scotland’s Northernmost Islands : Located off the northern tip of Scotland where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet are the Scottish islands of Orkney. Orkney is an archipelago of 70 or so islands covering an area of 974 square kilometres. The main island, known as the “Mainland of Orkney” […]

Skara Brae – A Village Older than the Egyptian Pyramids

Skara Brae - Orkney Islands

Skara brae is by far the Oldest Neolithic site in Northern Europe: Standing in a village that’s over 5,000 years old is a pretty awesome experience. Skara Brae was an inhabited village long before the Egyptian pyramids were built and although we do not hear too much about it, Skara Brae was a flourishing place […]