Free Wi-Fi Access in Glasgow

Where to Get Free Wi-Fi Access in Glasgow

We arrive in Glasgow in the early evening with just enough time to make it to George Square in the city centre. Our hotel, the Radisson Hotel is about a 15 minutes walk away. We wanted to take snaps of the George Square and the City Chambers before the light faded and also to see if we can get internet access. The Radisson wants GBP 15.00 for 24-hour usage, but we’re only here overnight. As luck would have it, the tourist office is on George Square and I was able to duck in to get some information. That it is open till 8 pm, even on a bank holiday, surprised me.

I asked for information about Wi-Fi or internet access in the city and was told that there is an internet place at the entrance to the Queen Street station in North Hanover Street, just across the square from the tourist office. Look for the fish and chips shop opposite from the station entrance and the internet cafe is upstairs. Unfortunately, it closes at 7 pm and according to the lady in the tourist office, this is the only internet cafe in the city.

As we have our own computer, we try for Starbucks cafe and eureka, they have free Wi-Fi. You must have a Starbucks card to access the free WiFi. This you can get easily by loading a minimum of GBP 5.00 onto a Starbucks card which you can then use to pay for your coffee, cakes or meals at any of the Starbucks outlets around the world. Sounds like a good deal so armed with coffee and a chocolate cake, we set ourselves in a corner. Getting started is fairly simple. You first have to register your card which is quite self-explanatory and if you run into problems, the Starbucks staff are pretty helpful.

After Starbucks, we looked for somewhere to have a quick dinner. Being bank holiday, many of the places closed early so we find ourselves at Weatherspoon – not quite the type of place we would normally find a meal. Looking at the pub-type menu, Tony noticed that they have free W-iFi. We didn’t see this being advertised outside the place. If you find yourself at Weatherspoon, ask the bar stuff for information and you’ll be provided with a leaflet on how to log on. This was a nice surprise so after dinner we were able to check some email.

So, if you have your own computer or i-phone in Glasgow, Starbucks and Weatherspoon have free Wi-Fi. I’m sure if we had done some research, there would be many other Wi-Fi hotspots in Glasglow.

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