The Palacio de la Madraza Was Once an Arab University

Granada Madraza

The Palacio de la Madraza (Palace of La Madraza) Was Once an Arab University: Just opposite from the Capilla Real is the Palacio de La Madraza (Palace of Madraza). Before the fall of Granada to the Catholic Monarchs, this place was the Granada Madrasa, an Arabic school which conducts religious as well as secular education. […]

M.A Puerta de los Aljibes Hotel in Granada

Puerta de los Aljibes, Granada Hotel

Hotel Review: M.A Puerta de los Aljibes Hotel in Granada: For our overnight stop in Granada we stayed at the M.A Puerta de los Aljibes, a modern hotel on Avenida de Pulianas which is just outside of central Granada. A Modern Design Granada Hotel Puerta de los Aljibes is a design hotel with very pleasant […]

Capilla Real – The Royal Chapel in Granada

Capilla Real Granada

Capilla Real – Royal Chapel for Spain’s Catholic Monarchs: Located next to Granada Cathedral is the Capilla Real or Royal Chapel.  The Capilla Real houses the remains of the Catholic monarchs of Spain. The Creation of Capilla Real In September 1504, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand (referred to as the Catholic Monarchs) decided that Granada […]

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter – The Barri Gòtic

Barcelona Ajuntament

Explore Barcelona’s Roman and Medieval Heritage in the Barri Gòtic: The Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) is one of Barcelona’s most famous and interesting areas. This is where the early Roman city of Barcino was established and in this area one can also find streets and buildings from the Middle Ages. The Barri Gòtic has one […]

Casa Bruno Cuadros – Once a House of Umbrellas

Casa dels Paraigües

Casa Bruno Cuadros or Casa dels Paraigües – The House of Umbrellas: A walk through Las Ramblas is a journey of many discoveries and at La Rambla, 82 is the Casa Bruno Cuadros, a stunning building that was once an umbrella shop in the 1880s. Casa Bruno Cuadros is presently the premises of a bank.  […]

Santa Maria Del Pi – A Medieval Church in the Barri Gotic


Santa Maria del Pí – A Barcelona Church in the Barri Gotic District: Santa Maria del Pí (St Mary of the Pine Tree) is a medieval basilica nestled between the Plaça del Pí and the Plaça Sant Josep Oriol in Barcelona’s historic Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter). It is believed that a pine forest once stood […]

El Corte Inglés – Shopping Services for Tourists


El Corte Inglés, Spain’s Largest Department Store, Has Special Services for Tourists: Our Spanish tour guide informs us that Spanish people like shopping at El Corte Inglés. This chain department store is the largest in Spain and sells everything from groceries to clothing, electronics, home appliances, etc. and the prices are good.  As we were […]

Monument to Elcano – Getaria

Monument to Elcano - Getaria

Monument to Elcano – A Monument Marking the 4th Centenary of Elcano’s Circumnavigation: One of the most important historical figures in Getaria is Juan Sebastián Elcano, the first man to circumnavigate the globe in 1522.  In Getaria there are two statues commemorating Elcano, one in Plaza Elcano dating back to 1861 and built by Antonio […]

Getaria – A Town of Fishermen, Navigators and a Couturier

Getaria, Gipuzcoa

Getaria is Famous as the Birthplace of Elcano and Balenciaga: On route from Bilbao to San Sebastian, we travel through Getaria, a medieval, walled coastal town in the province of Gipuzkoa. One of Getaria’s most famous sons is Juan Sebastián, Elcano the first man to circumnavigate the globe in 1522. In the town are statues […]

Bahía de La Concha – San Sebastián’s Stunning Bay

La Concha Bay - San Sebastian

Bahía de la Concha or La Concha Bay is San Sebastián’s Most Stunning Bay: San Sebastián is blessed with one of the most beautiful bays in the world and one of the first things we did before going to the Old Town (Parte Vieja) was to enjoy a panoramic view of Bahía de la Concha […]