Santander – Live from Sardinero Beach

Santander, The Capital of Cantabria, is Famous for Its Beaches:

Helen Page talks about Burgos and Santander from Sardinero Beach esplanade. Santander, on the north coast of Spain, is famous for its vast stretches of beaches. When a summer palace was built here for King Alfonso XIII in 1912, it sealed the town’s reputation as a popular summer retreat: tweet

“Well, we left Madrid this morning and after a couple of hours drive we arrived at Burgos, which is famous for its cathedral – it’s an amazing cathedral. There’s lots of little chapels with beautiful artwork and sculptures and that’s where El Cid’s grave is. There’s a lot to see there. We had a couple of hours and we had to practically rush through the place. It’s a beautiful place – it’s an absolutely must-visit place. We had lunch in Burgos and then it was a couple of hours drive up to Santander. Oh, another thing, Burgos is on the pilgrimage route, so pilgrims on the Santiago de Compostella route stop in Burgos.

So now here we are in Santander on the north coast of Spain. This region is Cantabria, famous for its beaches. There’s lots of stretches of beach and this particular stretch is called Sardinero. Beautiful weather, lots of sunshine.

Actually, there’s not a lot of monuments to see here and the main attraction is the casino. It must be doing well as there’s a new hotel being built next to it. The beaches are quite crowded, lots of local people. But, it’s a bit windy and chilly up here on the Esplanade, so I’m going to walk down there now and see what’s happening on the beach. See you later!”

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