Bahía de La Concha – San Sebastián’s Stunning Bay

Bahía de la Concha or La Concha Bay is San Sebastián’s Most Stunning Bay:

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La Concha Bay – San Sebastian

San Sebastián is blessed with one of the most beautiful bays in the world and one of the first things we did before going to the Old Town (Parte Vieja) was to enjoy a panoramic view of Bahía de la Concha or La Concha Bay in short.

Pearl of the Cantabrian Sea

San Sebastián is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Cantabrian Sea’ and there is no doubt that this stunning bay is part of the reason for this name.

From Mount Igueldo, at the west end of La Concha, we have this stunning view of the shell-shaped bay, flanked by Mount Igueldo on the west and Mount Urgull on the east. The little island in the middle of the bay is the Isle of Santa Clara.

La Concha Bay Beaches

La Concha Bay is home to two of the main San Sebastián city beaches Playa de Ondarreta and the larger Playa de La Concha. Even from the distance we can see how popular these beaches are with their umbrellas, tents and deckchairs.

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Playa de la Concha

La Concha Bay is also the venue of a very old Donostia-San Sebastián tradition. For 119 years, the Fishing Boat Regattas of La Concha have been held here on the first two Sundays in September. This is said to be the oldest and most important sporting event of the Basque Country coast.

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Map of La Concha Bay, San Sebastián:

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