A Seafood Dinner at the Casa Florido, a Torremolinos Restaurant

Torremolinos Restaurants – A Seafood Dinner at the Restaurante Casa Florido:

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Dorado a la Sal

There are hundreds of restaurants in Torremolinos and knowing which one to dine at is a challenge, unless of course if you have a recommendation from someone who knows.

While in Torremolinos, we joined a dinner outing to the Restaurante Casa Florido which we were told has really good seafood. We entered the restaurant through the back entrance and were relieved when we found that the restaurant actually fronts onto the seafront.

Seafood Dinner Entrée

Our dinner started with a medley of entrées. First came the salad and capsicum marinated in olive oil. Other dishes that followed included very small clams which were very tasty (not many like shellfish so we scored here), calamari, a dish of fish fillets, marinated fish fried in batter and grilled anchovies.

Dorado a la Sal – the Sea Bass Specialty

The specialty of Casa Florido is its dorado a la sal which is a whole sea bass covered in salt and baked.  The baked salt crust seals in the flavour and juices of the whole fish, making it very tender and moist.  Sea bass, we were told, is an expensive fish in this neck of the woods.

When it was time to serve the main dish, the restaurant owner brings out the trolley with a tray that looked like a mount of salt. She then chisels off the top of the mount to reveal the cooked sea bass. The trolley is then taken to the kitchen and the fish is served on plates accompanied by boiled potatoes and some braised vegetables. The fish was very tender and tasty but the accompanying vegetables and potatoes were not special.

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Dorado a la Sal

Desert was ice-cream cassata followed by coffee.

The whole meal, wine included cost €55.00 per person which was a tad expensive. For this price, they should at least have included some prawns and mussels. There were ads in the restaurant offering seafood platters for two at €45.00.

After dinner it was a pleasant ten minute stroll back to our hotel, the Melia Costa del Sol.

The Restaurante Casa Florido is located on La Carihuela Beach about a 10 minute walk from the Torremolinos town centre. If you like this stretch of beach, there are actually 4 Casa Florido apartments for rent upstairs.

C/Mar 9 y Paseo Maritimo 31 La Carihuela

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