Fish Foot Spa – A Fish Pedicure in Costa del Sol

A Fish Pedicure Is A Natural Way of Exfoliating Your Feet:

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The bright blue shop logo attracted Tony’s attention – Fish Foot Spa is the name of the shop.  You have to see this place to believe it.

In the smallish shop there are several comfortable sofas and women are sitting with their feet in fish tanks.  In the tanks there are lots of little black fish nibbling at the women’s feet.  It was a most unusual sight.

We were amused and curious and asked the women what they were doing.  It seems that they were having a fish pedicure.

As explained to us, we have lots of dead skin cells on our feet and the fish feed off the skin.  This is a natural way of exfoliating your feet.

Still unbelieving, I asked the ladies if it works and they shrugged and laughed. 

You can have a 10-minute session for Euros 10.00 or a 30-minute session for Euros 20.00.  I believe the fish they use is the Garra rufa fish.

Fish Pedicures

We’ve not seen them before, but it seems that fish pedicures is the rage at the moment and you can actually buy these  fish foot spa systems.

In the square there are plenty of cafes and pubs and after your fish foot spa you can stroll across and enjoy a drink and snack.

Well if you are looking for something different to do in Torremolinos and a totally natural way of exfoliating your feet appeals to you, you may want to give this place a try.

Fish Foot Spa is in Plaza de la Union Europea off Calle San Miguel, just a block from the main street of the city.

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