Flamenco in Sevilla

As the Birthplace of Flamenco, Seville Offers Some of the Best Flamenco Shows:

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Flamenco at Palacio Andaluz

Seville, Jerez and Cadiz are the three points of the triangle that frame the area considered to be the birthplace of flamenco. On our recent visit to Seville, we had the opportunity to experience this Andalusian forklore’s purest and most genuine artistic expression at the El Palacio Andaluz, a tablao close to La Macarena where we were staying.

Flamenco in Seville

In Seville’s districts, streets and tucked away in hidden plazas you’ll find many tablaos, tabernas and other small venues that host flamenco shows. Like bullfighting, flamenco is very much a part of the culture and tradition of Seville and flamenco is a common feature in the many festivals and events that take place in Seville throughout the year.

Famous Flamenco Venue in Seville

For our Seville flamenco show we were taken to Palacio Andaluz which is conveniently located near our hotel in La Macarena.  Palacio Andaluz is a large venue with a huge stage and on first impression,

and looking around at the audience, it feels like a tourist trap. But we suspend judgement as our guide says that it is one of the two famous flamenco venues and that one of the ladies is one of the top flamenco dancers in Seville. Palacio Andaluz itself claims to be the most authentic tablao of Andalusia.

When the theatre lights dim and the show begins, we quickly forget about the venue itself and the people around us. The sound of the guitarists frantically plucking their guitars, the rythmic clapping and the sound of pounding heels on stage fully grab our attention as do the colourful swirling flamenco dresses and the beautiful dancers who wear them.

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One of the Star Flamenco Dancers

Palacio Andaluz Flamenco Show

Palacio Andaluz has a large cast of flamenco dancers, musicians, singers and clappers and many of them are award-winning artists in the flamenco world. During the one and a half hour show, the dancers performed the different styles of flamenco, of which there are many.  From the bulerias to the soleares, fandangos, sevillanas and more, the energy level and performances were great. We needn’t have worried about this being a touristy show as the emotions were genuine and the expressions of happiness, sorrow, sweat and tears were clearly conveyed on the faces of the dancers, singers and musicians, even though we didn’t understand the lyrics or the music.

Whether it is one of the best flamenco venues in Seville or not we are not competent to say, but the show was very enjoyable. This troop has been chosen by TVE (Spain TV) to represent the art of flamenco at National and International events, so they must be one of the best. Like many of the tablaos, Palacio Andaluz offers a show with a drink, show with tapas dinner or show with ala carte dinner.

For those who are keen to learn more about the origins of flamenco, how it has evolved, the personalities and events that make it a universally popular artform may be interested in visiting the Museo del Baile Flamenco (www.flamencomuseum.com) at Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3. You can also enjoy flamenco shows here as well as enroll in flamenco classes and workshops here.

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El Palacio Andaluz
Calle de María Auxiliadora, 18A
41008 Seville, Spain
Website: www.elpalacioandaluz.com
Tel: +34.954.53.47.20

Map of Seville:

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