Breitling Wing Walk Aerobatics Over Sydney

Bretiling wing walk over Sydney, Australia

Barnstorming Retro Aerobatics Shot Over Sydney – Captured From My Balcony! Swiss watchmaker Breitling’s commercial shoot of “wing-walking” aerobatics disturbed me from the perusal of my morning paper – a couple of biplanes and a helicopter are quite noisy – so I grabbed a handy camera and shot off a few frames from my balcony […]

Find a Swiss Phone Number


Swiss Phone Number, Swiss Phone Book, Phone Code for Switzerland As you might expect, finding a Swiss phone number is easily done on line, in a choice of languages and for free! Swisscom offer over 6 million listings of private people and businesses in their Switzerland telephone directory. Whether you’re looking for a Swiss chalet […]

Emergency Telephone Numbers in Switzerland

Emergencies In case of emergency, dial these numbers Emergency Telephone (Dial…) Ambulance 144 Police (emergencies) 117 Fire Brigade / accident 118 Poison Emergency 145 Information Telephone (Dial…) Directory Enquiries 1811 Overseas Operator 1141 Motoring Assistance 140 Weather Report 162 Traffic Conditions 163 Avalanche Bulletin 187 Fire Brigade / accident 118 Please comment.

Telephone Communications in Switzerland


Telephone & Fax All telephone numbers in Switzerland have at least 9 digits. To telephone Switzerland from abroad, dial the international code of your country +  41 and then, the number of the person you are calling (without the 0 at the beginning of the Swiss telephone number), e.g. +41 31987564 To call somewhere in Switzerland when in Switzerland, dial […]

Museums, Galleries and Monuments in Switzerland

H R Giger Gallery in Gruyeres

Museums and Monuments The towns and regions of Switzerland have all sorts of museums and monuments for the visitor. In fact, there are around 700 museums and art galleries in the country, from internationally acclaimed art collections and to small specialized museums catering to a wide range of interests. In Gruyères, the creator of the “Alien” […]

Visas and Entry Requirements for Switzerland

Visiting Switzerland

Visas: Visas are required for a continuous stay of more than three months. But if your stay is shorter than three months you only need a valid passport. As you might expect, all citizens of the EU countries can enter Switzerland without a visa for tourist purposes, and according to the official website, this 90 […]