Iznik’s Hagia Sophia – Where the Nicene Creed Was Created

Hagia Sophia Church - Iznik

Hagia Sophia in Iznik Was the Scene of Two Council of Nicea Meetings: From Bursa, we had an 80 km drive northeast to Iznik or Nicea (Nicaea), as it was known in ancient times. Nicea was once the capital of the Byzantine Empire and there are a number of reminders of its past glory in […]

Sultanahmet Square – The Historic Heart of Old Istanbul

Sultanahmet Meydani

Sultanahmet Square is the Old Historic Quarter of Istanbul: The Sultanahmet Square (Sultanahmet Meydani) is the old historic quarter of Istanbul and here you will find some of the most significant historic monuments of Istanbul. The district was named after Sultan Ahmet I, the builder of the Blue Mosque which sits at one end of […]

Exploring the Inside of Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya)

Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofya is Istanbul’s Legacy of Christian and Muslim Cultures:   Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofya (The Church of the Holy Wisdom), was formerly a Byzantine church which was converted into a mosque when Sultan Mehmed II conquered Istanbul in 1453. When Turkey became a republic in 1934, Hagia Sofia was turned […]

Istanbul Airport Transfer – Atatürk Airport (IST)

Ataturk International Airport

Istanbul Airport Transportation – Atatürk Airport: Atatürk International Airport (Atatürk Uluslararası Havalimanı) is Istanbul’s main airport and most international visitors to Istanbul arrive at this airport, except for those flying on low-cost carriers which mostly operate out of Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Atatürk Airport is located at Yeşilköy, which is about 24 kms west of Istanbul […]

A Shopping Stop for Exquisite Avanos Pottery

Avanos Pottery Factory

Avanos is Town Famous for its Turkish Crafts, Especially Pottery and Ceramics: Just north of the Göreme National Park is Avanos, a town and district that is noted for its Turkish craft skills. Carpet-weaving and tapestry-making are important local skills, but it is the Avanos pottery and ceramics that this town is most famous for. […]

An Evening at the Evranos Restaurant Folklore Show

Evranos Restaurant, Avanos

A Folklore Show at the Evranos Restaurant in Avanos: The Central Anatolian region is rich in history and culture and within its thirteen provinces is a wealth of cultural beliefs, customs and practices.  During our stay in Avanos, we attended a folklore show at the Evranos Restaurant which gave us a small taste of the […]

Visiting a Silk Carpet Factory in Turkey

Carpet Factory in Turkey

Visiting a Silk Carpet Factory in Turkey: On any tour of Turkey, you can be sure of being taken to a carpet factory, usually in Istanbul, and we’ve done our share of carpet factory visits on our various trips to Turkey. When our tour left Istanbul without a carpet factory visit, I thought that we […]

Turkish Delight – A Stop for Some Delightful Lokum


Lokum or Turkish Delight Is A Popular Turkish Sweet: On the way from Cumalikizik to Gordion we stopped by a roadside confectionery shop that was full of Turkish delights, not just lokum, but the very popular kestane sekeri (candied chestnuts), fruit gums, chocolate with pistachio and more. Lokum We were given some candied chestnuts to […]

Pamukkale Antique Pool – Swimming in Cleopatra’s Pool

Antique Pool - Pamukkale

Pamukkale’s Antique Pool – A Sacred Pool In Which Cleopatra Is Believed to Have Swum: Hierapoliswas popular for its thermal springs during Hellenistic times, but it was during the Roman period that the city’s reputation as a health centre boomed. The hot springs, with its mineral rich waters are said to be good for illnesses […]